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Meet Tyra Moore-Thomas, Hair Health Enthusiast, Protective Style Expert and the Founder of Sew & Go Beauty Bar. Black women rely on her when they want to nurse their curls back to health and rock their natural hair with confidence.

We provide educational resources, products made specifically for our hair & easy-to-apply, premium quality, ethically-sourced, 100% natural textured human hair extensions.

Growing up with a mom that was a licensed cosmetologist, Tyra served as the model for her products and services for years. As an adult, she experienced the insensitivity and confusion around natural hair in corporate America. Having started a personal transformation in 2018, she began focusing more on her overall health – mind, body, and spirit. It was then that she decided to transition to natural hair and stop using relaxers, something she’d been doing off and on since she was 12.

Combining a love of the freedom, flexibility, and confidence that protective styles, such as braids, weaves, ponytails, and clip-ins provide, along with her passion for the beauty industry, proper hair care & giving back, Sew & Go was born.

Sew & Go Beauty Bar is an online community that helps you learn more about how to care for natural hair and provides tips for growing your hair – with products made just for you. Our customers are professional women like you who don’t have “extra” time (what is that?!) to spend on their hair but want to look and feel incredible every day.