Hair Tea Growth Drops


If you’re looking to grow your hair, we are proud to introduce our original Hair Tea Growth Drops! Hair Tea Growth Drops are made from sustainable, organic essential oils and environment-friendly materials in Michigan by our Founder and will help you get the long, healthy hair you’ve been dreaming about.

Stimulates growth, stops itch, prevents breakage
Moistures, adds shine
Treats dandruff
Helps heat damaged hair
Strengthens roots

Uniquely formulated for protective style wearers!

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Jojoba oil, Thyme and Rosemary

“These growth drops are amazing! Because of the all-natural ingredients that make up the hair oil, I am able to use it not only on my hair, but on my children’s hair as well. I apply it to our scalps on wash day after we style it for the week. It smells amazing and keeps our scalp flake free. I am definitely recommending these growth drops to anyone who is looking for a scalp oil that promotes healthy hair growth!” -Tara Jones-Williamson



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