Hair Tea eBook and Hair Tea Growth Drop Bundle


Are you struggling to manage your natural hair? Do you wish you could grow your hair? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Like most black women today, it’s a challenge to find time for ourselves. Add to that, the confusion of all the hair care products out there, plus never knowing which ones are right for us and our needs, and it becomes even more frustrating. Sew & Go Beauty Bar is here to help you with our Hair Tea Growth Drops made in Michigan with sustainable, organic essential oils and eBook, which makes it easy for you to prevent hair loss, start the regrowth process and manage your natural hair.

“The Hair Tea eBook that the Sew & Grow Beauty Bar created is truly the only tea you need in regards to hair for black women. It is jammed pack with information that breaks down the common reasons why us black women lose our hair and even provides remedies to combat them! They cover everything from hormones to food to physical damage. Seriously, this eBook is easy to read and provides all its sources which means the author researched well and did all of the leg work for us!

These growth drops are amazing! Because of the all-natural ingredients that makes up the hair oil, I am able to use it not only on my hair, but on my children’s hair as well. I apply it to our scalps on wash day after we style it for the week. It smells amazing and keeps our scalp flake free. I am definitely recommending these growth drops to anyone who is looking for a scalp oil that promotes healthy hair growth!” – Tara Jones-Williamson


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