Sew Sassy (Coily) Clippies 3C/4A


Material: Premium Quality Exquisite 100% Human Hair Natural Texted Hair Extensions
Total Weight: 120 grams
Total Pieces:  10 pieces per set includes: 23 clips, 8-inch one piece 4 clips, 7-inch one piece 4 clips, 6-inch one piece 3 clips, 6-inch one piece 3 clips, 4-inch one piece 2 clips, 1.5 one piece 1 clip, 1.5 one piece 1 clip and 1.5 one piece 1 clip
Length: 16 – 22 inches
Texture: Coily
Color: Natural Black

Our natural textured 3C/4A has tight coils in corkscrews. The coils are very tight in texture and has an “S” pattern when stretched. The curl pattern is more defined. They will help you enhance the look of your natural hair instantly transforming your look! Dye them, two strand twist them, throw them in high ponytail, top knot or wear them in an afro. The possibilities are endless.

Styling: Do not use a comb or brush, instead use your fingers to detangle, which helps prevent excessive shedding. Each morning, spray hair with water, and then seal with an oil and your favorite water based moisturizing leave-in conditioner.

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16", 18", 20", 22"


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