To serve women who suffer from hair loss by enhancing their natural beauty using protective styles and tension free weaving techniques.


Sew & Go Beauty Bar is a fun and chic beauty bar that’s designed to be an alternative to traditional hair salons. We specialize in natural hair and protective styles using tension free weaving techniques. We are deliberate about enhancing your natural beauty by eliminating exposure to harmful toxics in hair products by using only organic products and hair extensions to produce great protective styles.

Our Beauty Bar is open 5 days a week to assist clients age 12 and older with beautiful eyebrow arches, fabulous lash strips, and gorgeous hair. Our team of specialists include a Hair Health Enthusiast and 2 Licensed Cosmetologists’ who are certified in seven different hair extension techniques.

We believe that you deserve excellent service in a private and peaceful environment. Our goal is to respect your time and serve you in a professional and timely fashion. Sew & Go Beauty Bar is an adult-only establishment and we don’t believe in having our customers sitting in a crowded space or having them share their beauty experience with small children.

Our protective styling services occur in a private installation room, where the lighting is flattering to your complexion. Other amenities include WIFI access, inspirational wall art, cell phone charging ports, a complimentary beverage bar and ongoing satellite music that helps set the ambiance for our customers to have a fun and relaxing experience with us.

Lash extensions coming soon!




Tyra Moore – Thomas is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Sew & Go Beauty Bar. She loves beauty and hair. She is a wife, mother, leader in the Customer Service industry in corporate America, a Hair Enthusiast and avid wearer of protective styles including weaves, braids and wigs. She loves the versatility and convenience that protective styles provide for her busy lifestyle. She loves keeping up with beauty trends and is always excited to see what’s next in the hair and beauty industry. Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan by an entrepreneurial family, which includes her mother, a retired Cosmetology Instructor, mother-in-law who is a retired Hair Stylist, daughter who is a Cosmetology Instructor and her aunt who is a Hair Stylist. In 2019, Tyra followed their example and decided to turn her passion for hair and beauty into a business. Her number one priority is offering women an exceptional beauty experience.